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Printable Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day is a funny thing. It’s seems to divide people into two parties: the flowers-and-hearts party, and the valentines-day-is-a-made-up-holiday-and-should-die party. I’m somewhere in the middle (if I’m honest, more towards the flowers-and-hearts party).

Whichever party you align with, I’ve whipped up a little V-Day card for that special person in your life. That person that isn’t quite the flowers-and-hearts type, but not necessarily the should-die type either. The middlies.

Cut along the crop marks, and fold along the middle. You’ve got yourself a card, bro.

Click here to download!

six fun (and useful) web tools for bloggers

You don’t spend every waking moment on the internet without coming across at least a few helpful things! Below are six of my favourite discoveries that turned out to be lifelong additions to my bookmark bar. Some are for writing, some for designing, some are just plain fun — and all will help make your life a little easier and your blog a little better.

Say hello to…

Hello Bar
Hello Bar is a fun, unobtrusive little call-to-action bar that is very pretty and very easy to use. Give it your site URL and choose your colours, fonts, purpose (email signup, direct…

five free stock photo sites (you’ll actually want to use)

The term “stock photo” conjures up a pretty specific type of image for most of us: a fiercely fake group of people — often a range of different races and genders — who all look maybe a little too happy to be at the beach / pointing at a phone / eating a salad. Maybe your mental image is of a business woman in a suit looking important and angry, or perhaps an over-saturated couple frolicking in a field. Stock phototography definitely has its place (mostly in corporate brochures) but if you’re like me and die a little inside…

five spectacular google font pairings for your blog

Not that long ago, web typography was restricted to a very select group of just a few web-safe fonts (Tahoma was my go-to). If you wanted something extra fancy, you made an image. But no longer! These days web typography is hugely flexible with the invention of font embedding services. Hooray!

Where previously our options were severely limited, we now have hundreds to choose from. There are currently over 600 fonts in the Google Fonts library alone, so today I thought I’d share just a few of my favourite heading and body text pairings, perfect to freshen up your blog!


trouvé magazine

Have you heard of Trouvé? It’s a gorgeous new independent magazine from the US, and it’s — in a word — wonderful. Think Kinfolk with an arty edge; Cereal from a creative’s perspective. Trouvé literally means “to find” in French.

From the moment it arrived, Trouvé made a big impact with the packaging alone. It’s like opening a present; perfectly wrapped in white paper and stamped with a wax seal, a gorgeous typographic print and handwritten note included. The pages are filled with inspiring quotes, stories and interviews with creative people, and are beautifully designed to boot. I received Trouvé…

for the love of type: gemma o’brien

I was first introduced to Gemma O’Brien at an AGDA event back in 2010. I was in my second year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UTas and finally discovering the world of inspiration outside DeviantArt. I couldn’t yet explain the difference between a font and a typeface; I had no more than a basic grasp of the grid or colour theory; and my concept of graphic design was still stuck in the “college” days of basic letterheads and business cards. Gemma introduced me to something other than the dictionary definition of design (which, incidentally, is “the art…

five lifestyle mags you’ll fall in love with (if you haven’t already)

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a magazine hoarder. Also, I judge books by their covers. I have a pile of unread magazines bought solely for their sexy cover and layout designs. It’s probably not surprising that I have a bit of a thing for tactile publications — I do work for one after all — but unfortunately it’s rare that I make the time to look past the aesthetics.

That being said, I do have a select few that I read cover-to-cover. They may have started out as superficial attractions, but each one has managed to woo…