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DIY: balsa wood christmas tree


I know I’ve already waxed lyrical about the jolliest of seasons in last years’ Christmas DIY, but just to reiterate: I really, really like Christmas. The songs, the tinsel, the santa; I love the lot.

This year’s DIY requires a little less fiddling and a lot less sewing skills — hooray! — and is a fairly quick project for a pre-Christmas sunny Sunday afternoon (or a wintery one for you Northern Hemispherians).

You will need:
Balsa wood
Pencil + ruler
Stanley knife / craft knife / scalpel
Paint + paintbrush
Masking tape

Step one:
Cut your balsa wood into two…

DIY: simple wooden cat scratcher

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my little four-legged friend popping up every so often — that’s Luffy; the cutest and prettiest cat in the entire world (if you’re an anime-watcher / manga-reader you might recognise his namesake as Luffy (“loo-fee”) from One Piece)

He’s the love and light of the household, and is as totally spoiled as you would probably expect. Just look at that face, though. Can you blame us?

So on our days off we do what any normal couple would do, and make things for our cat. This wooden scratcher is super simple,…

DIY: simple gold paper garland

I’ve always been a bit of a Christmas Crazy. Around August/September I’ll probably start injecting Christmas countdowns into everyday conversation. Come October, when the decorations start appearing in stores, I smell the tinsel when nobody’s looking. I try to hold off on putting the tree up until the first of December, but it usually happens around mid-November.

My Christmas spirit this season has been a bit lacklustre compared to previous years, so I thought I’d whip up a little something glittery to get me in the mood. All you’ll need for these are some basic sewing skills, shiny paper and…

DIY: cement coffee cup planter

Concrete is hands-down my latest most favourite DIY material (this week at least). It’s cheap, versatile and not nearly as scary to work with as I was expecting! This is a project that can easily be modified to suit your purpose and supplies. If you don’t drink as much coffee as I do, use a milk carton as a mould! If you don’t like succulents (you what!?) make a tealight candle holder! Oh, the possibilities.

You will need:

Pre-mixed concrete (unless you want to make your own: cement + sand + gravel!)
Containers for the planter — I put the used coffee…