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Merchant: on the sly

On the Sly online: website / facebook / instagram

It’s no secret that I’m a big lover of clean lines, simple colours and interesting textures (pfft, does anyone actually dislike those things?), so when something lands in my inbox that ticks all three boxes, it’s a pretty exciting event.

On the Sly — as well as having a gloriously sneaky name — manages to blend minimal, Scandinavian design with brilliant colour in a way that will excite lovers of either style. Eco-responsibility is a big focus for their products, using water-based non-toxic inks and 100% recycled inserts, and their geometric range…

Merchant: Vege threads

Vege Threads online: website / facebook / instagram

Last weekend was spent in the city with my glorious friend Matilde at the Finders Keepers Melbourne market, and we had a total blast! Coffee, flower crowns and lots of wandering back and forth and around in circles as we tried to fit in everything at once (in hindsight a more linear system may have worked better).

I had some vague plans to take my camera along but managed to leave it in the car, so the day was spent with my face out in the open with no lens to hide…

Merchant: mûr

MÛR online: website / facebook / instagram

In my daydreams I live in a bright, airy, totally magazine-worthy home. Not too old, but still has character. Everything inside is beautifully curated, with simple pieces that each tell a story. Everything is white or grey, with little touches of copper. My beige cat fits in perfectly, as does my totally flawless new wardrobe.

A girl can dream, right?

In this hypothetical minimalist dream home are the entire contents of MÛR Lifestyle. If it were Christmas time, this store would be my entire list.

MÛR is a beautifully curated online store of simple, functional…

Alice Tasmanian Coffee Scrub

Alice online: website / facebook / twitter / instagram

Pride is a really nice feeling.

I think it’s a particularly nice feeling when it’s not your own achievements you’re proud of, but someone else’s — not self-satisfaction, but admiration and delight at something you have some connection to. Putting it that way makes it sound like a selfish sort of pride, but maybe that’s okay. I hope that’s okay.

This is the feeling I get when something extra fantastic comes out of Tasmania. I’m sure it’s not specific to my little home state, but it feels extra strong down there — maybe…

The wild collective

The Wild Collective online: website / facebook / instagram


Even if you’ve never heard of the term, you’re probably fairly familiar with the aesthetic. Gypset fuses the wild, carefree, bohemian style of the gypsy with the luxe sophistication of the jet setter. It’s free spirited and glamourous. Creative, laid-back and elegant. It’s fantastic.

In love with the concept yet? Realising you already have a Pinterest board dedicated to it? Awesome.

You are now ready to be introduced to and get excited by The Wild Collective. It’s a brand spanking new event, coming to Melbourne this August, that showcases local and international…

Zen botanics

Zen Botanics online: website / facebook / instagram / twitter

I’ve always been a bit of a skincare addict. From my not-quite-acne-but-still-embarrassing teenage years to the present day (better than those early naughties, but still not perfect), I’m constantly looking for new brands to try. My latest source of epidermal excitement comes from Zen Botanics; an all-natural Australian skincare brand that is handcrafted and chock full of pure, wholesome goodness. Their bottles, jars and labels are all recyclable glass and PET plastic, and are of course tested by happy, willing humans — not animals.

As well as being super excellent internally,…

merchant: homecamp

I don’t even know where to begin with this most flipping awesomest thing I’ve found this month (I know that’s not a totally coherent sentence, but it’s that exciting). Meet Homecamp; makers and curators of some of the most beautiful camping gear I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Their philosophy centres around a ‘buy it once’ mantra, producing and selling quality items that will last for generations. As well as their signature bell tents, they also do enamel mugs, plates and pots; leather camps stools; blankets and throws; hatchets; flasks and more.

But that’s not all. Oh, no.

You see those…