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I know I’ve already waxed lyrical about the jolliest of seasons in last years’ Christmas DIY, but just to reiterate: I really, really like Christmas. The songs, the tinsel, the santa; I love the lot.

This year’s DIY requires a little less fiddling and a lot less sewing skills β€” hooray! β€” and is a fairly quick project for a pre-Christmas sunny Sunday afternoon (or a wintery one for you Northern Hemispherians).

You will need:
Balsa wood
Pencil + ruler
Stanley knife / craft knife / scalpel
Paint + paintbrush
Masking tape

Step one:
Cut your balsa wood into two equal lengths; each piece of my tree measured 10cm wide x 30cm high x 4mm thick. Use your pencil and ruler to mark out the pieces, then cut with your scalpel (or craft knife).

On one end of each piece make a pencil mark at the centre β€” in my case, at the 5cm mark β€” then draw a line from this point to each corner, making a triangle shape. Cut out your two shapes, and admire your handiwork. Pretty!

Step two:
Measure a line down the centre of each triangle, from the tip to the centre of the base, and mark the very centre with your pencil. On one piece draw a line from the centre to the tip, and on the other draw a line from the centre to the base.

Cut a thin block out along each line, as wide as your balsa wood is thick β€” mine was 4mm. Slot your triangles together to make sure your tree is appropriately tree-like. Yes? Good! Time to paint.

Step three:
Patiently wait as your cat investigates your workspace and deems it uninteresting enough to leave you alone, then using masking tape to keep a nice straight line, paint your tree in any crazy way you like.

It’s best to paint the pieces separately, and make sure they’re properly dry before slotting together!

Merry Christmas!

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