DIY: geometric paper diamonds

>> Click here to download a template <<

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for working with paper, and it’s not exactly rare for my floor to be covered in offcuts or my clothes to be gummed up with slivers of double sided tape. This is the first template I’ve ever (sort of) produced myself however, and I’m rather proud of it! It’s adapted from this 3d diamond by Minieco, which in turn is based on a simplified version of Satoshi Kamiya’s origami diamond. Mine is a little bit simpler with less vertices, deeper indents and a longer body.

All you’ll need to put it together are a stanley knife/scissors and double sided tape. They can be a little bit fiddly, so not recommended for kiddies or crafting novices!

Download and print the template, cut around the solid line and fold the dotted lines. I’d strongly suggest scoring your lines lightly with your knife before you fold to ensure they’re nice and crisp, especially if your diamonds are on the small side. To finish, line the tabs with double sided tape and fold to close!