DIY: simple gold paper garland


I’ve always been a bit of a Christmas Crazy. Around August/September I’ll probably start injecting Christmas countdowns into everyday conversation. Come October, when the decorations start appearing in stores, I smell the tinsel when nobody’s looking. I try to hold off on putting the tree up until the first of December, but it usually happens around mid-November.

My Christmas spirit this season has been a bit lacklustre compared to previous years, so I thought I’d whip up a little something glittery to get me in the mood. All you’ll need for these are some basic sewing skills, shiny paper and the cutting utensils of your choice. I find a cutting mat + scalpel + ruler combo works best for me, but if you’re a scissor wizard go with that (also mad props to you, scissors are hard).

You will need:
Paper of your choosing (I used Quill Metallique 120gsm in antique gold)
Cutting mat
Scalpel / stanley knife
Sewing machine, thread
Basic sewing skillz

1. Start by cutting your paper into squares. If you’re using a cutting mat with measurements, this will be easy for you! I cut my A4 pieces into strips of 4cm, then cut those strips into 4 x 4cm squares. Fold your squares diagonally in half to form little triangles.

2. Sew your little triangles together through the centre, three or four at a time. Overlap them a little so they retain their tree shape.

3. After each set of triangles, pull the thread out a bit before continuing on to the next set. Continue until you reach your desired length, and tie off to complete!



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    charlotte | the vintage vogue

    December 17, 2014

    so simple yet genius. love it :)

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      December 21, 2014

      Aw, thank you sweetness! x