five lifestyle mags you’ll fall in love with (if you haven’t already)

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a magazine hoarder. Also, I judge books by their covers. I have a pile of unread magazines bought solely for their sexy cover and layout designs. It’s probably not surprising that I have a bit of a thing for tactile publications — I do work for one after all — but unfortunately it’s rare that I make the time to look past the aesthetics.

That being said, I do have a select few that I read cover-to-cover. They may have started out as superficial attractions, but each one has managed to woo me with their engaging content and distinct personalities.


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Contrary to what you might think, Cereal is not a magazine about cereal (as cool as that would be). It’s a quarterly travel and lifestyle magazine based out of the UK. Featuring beautifully minimal cover art on every edition, Cereal is an exploration of both new and well-travelled cultures. It has a very small core team of four but receives contributions of essays and photography from all over the world, and the end result is a perfectly curated work of art.

Fête Press
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Starting out online, Fête Press is now published quarterly in print, matching each issue perfectly to the seasons. Chock full of gorgeous lifestyle goodies, Fête Press is the brainchild of two incredibly talented South Australian ladies — they style, photograph, write and design pretty much everything themselves! Holy cow. It’s a magazine about all the good, simple and special things in life, with some excellent design to boot.

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Ah, Kinfolk. The mother of all lifestyle magazines. You’ve probably heard of it already, but if not: prepare to be blown away. Kinfolk is a magazine from the USA sharing stories, photographs, recipes and more from contributors around the world. There’s also a Kinfolk cookbook, web film series, events and workshops around the world, and a new collective brand by the publishers: Ouur Studio. It’s easy to see why Kinfolk has such a following: the content is so beautifully crafted, so exquisitely designed, it feels familiar and comfortable from the moment you pick it up. A truly excellent experience.

Smith Journal
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A publication of stories and adventures with a cheeky twist, you’ll most likely find Smith Journal in the manly section of your local newsagency. It’s the younger brother of frankie, but don’t let the “men’s interest” section scare you off—this is a magazine for the lasses, too! It’s got a bit of everything: music, technology, art, fashion, food, travel and film. The uncoated cover stock has a super tactile feel to it, making Smith Journal stand out from the crowd from the moment you pick it up.

Another Escape
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Another Escape is a publication with some seriously stunning cover art. It’s an independently published magazine divided into four distinct sections — inspiration, exploration, process and response — with content inspired by people who are creative and inquisitive. Another Escape’s ethos is to turn inspirations into aspirations; to turn your dreams into reality and to be motivated by stories of people who love what they do. It’s a beautiful concept, and perfectly realised.


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    Amanda Alessi

    May 25, 2014

    Awesome list! Kinfolk is my favourite :)

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      May 25, 2014

      Such a wonderful read, isn’t it! I just picked up Kinfolk Table this weekend too, love it!

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