five quick tips for effective wrapping

Make your space. It probably sounds obvious, but lay out your materials before you start! The last thing you want is to be holding down a perfectly creased corner, only to realise that you’ve left the tape in the spare room.

Choose your ingredients. The most effective gift wrap can also be the most frugal — find things around your home or garden to repurpose! Old paper bags, magazines or newspapers can make excellent wrap. Use a length of simple kitchen twine to decorate, or cut a sprig of something from the garden (or the side of the road if you’re lacking in the garden department).

Keep it simple. Less often really is more, especially if you’re wrapping multiple gifts and want them to complement each other. Try keeping at least one thing constant!

Don’t complicate it. If your gift is awkwardly-shaped, there’s nothing wrong with boxing it up first! If you’re wrapping something soft — like a scarf — and don’t want to box it, try cutting a piece of card to place underneath. This will keep your corners crisp!

Personalise. Remember who you’re giving the gift to and why. There’s nothing better than receiving a present made with love and effort, just for you. Draw a little picture or write a message on the underside of the gift, or print an old snapshot of your giftee to use as a tag. Make it special, and they won’t forget it.

Do you have any extra tips for gift wrapping? I’d love to hear them!


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    June 20, 2014

    If using string or twine, add a little something on when tying, like a button/bead or charm/tiny curio. Looks extra cute &The recipient can use too :)

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      June 20, 2014

      Oh I love that idea Natalie! Definitely adding it to my mental list :)