This week’s five things image via The Adventure Handbook (#1)


I hope your collective weeks have been AMAZEBALLS.

I’ve had a pretty lazy week, to be honest, full of super interesting things such as cleaning the house for a mother visit and baking cakes for the mister’s birthday (a quarter of a century)! Tonight I’m off to Craft-A-Dark for a few hours of nighttime crafting shenanigans with my ladybro and fellow blogger Matilde, which I think is the perfect way to end the week. This time of year is when work starts really gearing up and getting crazy, so it’s nice to have some dedicated relaxy-time!

Five of the totally excellent things I’ve discovered this week are…

01. | This amaaaazing series of photographs by Julian Bialowas via The Adventure Handbook (Featured above!)
02. | The truthful hilarity of this Oatmeal comic (I should really eat all that fruit I buy)
03. | Some simple ways to be happy at work.
04. | This awesomesauce furry Status Anxiety Clutch that would totally match my shoes.
05. | A great list of five excellent things crosswords have taught me about life. Hot damn, do I love my crosswords.

Got a thing I might like to share? Let me know below!