This week’s five things image via Homecamp (#1), shot by the fabulous Luise Brimble

What’s this? Friday again? It’s like it happens every week or something!

This week I’m writing to you from my home town of Hobart β€” or more specifically, from inside one of my favourite hometown eateries; Small-Fry. A pork slider at my elbow and a soy latte in my hand, I’m a happy chappy.

I’ve been here all week for work, theming a few events and catching up with some pretty glorious people. I hope your week has been equally fantastic!

This week five things are…

01. | This insanely amazing Tasmanian adventure over on Homecamp; a collaboration between some of my favourites: Luisa Brimble, Sarah Glover, Hannah Mccowatt, Natalie Harvey Meneses and Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald. Source of the stunning image above!
02. | My new favourite way to waste time, Harmony by Mr. Doob. Is it a game? Is it a tool? Who knows!
03. | This prawn and mushroom miso soup, which I’ll be attempting some time next week. I promise.
04. | The most talked about news this week, Socality Barbie, who I adore unashamedly. I know her very purpose is to mock my favourite Instagram feeds (plus my own), but by golly I love it.
05. | This gorgeous event that I won’t be here for β€” trust me, I’m kicking myself. The Land of Milk and Honey, an immersive exhibition examining contemporary attitudes and perspectives of land in Hobart.

Got a thing I might like to share? Let me know!


  1. These links are so wonderful! The photos from the Homecamp are gorgeous, and the miso soup looks absolutely amazing!

    • Thanks so much Valerie! How amazing are those photos!? Absolutely love them x

  2. That Tasmania home camp looks like the best!!!!! All star crew indeed. x

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