Five Things

Hi friends!

I hope your week has been grand, and you’ve been enjoying the weather that’s changed its mind more times than Ross and Rachel. It’s not often you get to wear bathers, shorts, coats and scarves all in the space of a day and a half (oh who am I kidding, yes it is.)

I’ve been dividing my time quite evenly between Melbourne and Hobart over the last two months, and each seem to be changing seasons like they’re going out of style. I’ve found that Melbournites like to boast about how cold their Winters/Springs are, but us Hobartians know you haven’t felt cold until you’ve spent a season under a snow-capped mountain ;)

Luckily the five things I’ve found this week will go well with any weather:

01. | This amazing series of photos taken by a bride of her own wedding day. Such a sweet and different way of capturing the day! (Also this week’s featured photo!)
02. | The totally sweet dance mashup that’s been making the rounds lately. I challenge you to watch this without a smile on your dial!
03. | A beautiful, wanderlust-filled journey by photographer Forrest Mankins. He’s living out of his 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser whilst travelling the USA, making a documentary.
04. | These adorable yoga joes; little plastic army men moulded into all your favourite yoga poses!
05. | And four little rituals that’ll increase your happiness and keep your spirits up.

Have a great week!

This week’s five things image via fotohennoliisa (#1)
Got a thing I might like to share? Let me know!