Five Things

Happy Friday, pretty people! I hope you’ve had a good one — I know I certainly did!

I had a blast at the Day of the Dead Warehouse Project on Saturday, scoring two VIP tickets for Halloween, and I’ll be headed to a super schneaky Schweppes for some underground London-themed fun this weekend too. Watch out for a post on that later this week!

No matter how your week has turned out, I have five little things to share with you that will hopefully make it even better:

01. | These stunning images of Alex May’s trip through Scotland, via Ignant (also this week’s featured photo).
02. | BigStuffed, the most gorgeous soft and cuddly sea creatures handmade in France.
03. | An incredibly flawless video, combining a bunch of famous fictional characters into one dance club scene (definitely worth a watch!)
04. | This great Instagram campaign showcasing some amazing ladies — #mystory.
05. | (Warning: 9Gag alert) This list of world leaders with photoshopped man-buns kind of wins the week for me. Putin is made for a top knot.

This week’s five things image via Ignant / Alex May (#1)
Got a thing I might like to share? Let me know!

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    Stine Friis

    November 7, 2015

    World leaders with man buns was so funny! I pulled two wisdom teeth today, so my friday wasn’t too good. But got to spend it on the couch with Netflix, so I guess that’s ok! :)