Five Things | May 2016

May! My month of birthdays.

I think everyone has one of those months. There’s just one birthday after another, and you end up counting backwards nine months out of gross curiosity to figure out just why everyone’s parents were so excitable then (September is the start of Spring here. I think that explains it.) I have a good 22 friends and relatives — plus myself! — with a May birthday, which makes the whole month feel fun and celebratory. In my mind it’s a holiday month, on par with December (CHRISTMAS!) and March/April (EASTER!).

So I hope you’re having an excellent holiday month, and Happy Birthday to any fellow May babies! Here are five of the super cool things I found this month:

01. The absolutely INSANE work of Utah-based florist Nicole Land (Soil & Stem). Like what even. Even my wildest, flower-themed dreams are not as beautiful as her work. She does weddings, events and even runs workshops, which you have absolutely zero excuse not to attend if you’re anywhere near Utah. (Also this month’s featured photo!)

02. This incredible list of translated graffiti from Pompeii. My favourite: “Antiochus hung out here with his girlfriend Cithera“. A + C 4EVA.

03. These great empathy cards designed by Los Angeles–based designer Emily McDowell.

04. Jasmine Downling’s post on The C-Word Project — an excellent initiative on recognising and protecting artists from copyright infringement. If you feel like getting riled up, head over to Jasmine’s blog and read her (unfortunately many) experiences with artwork theft.

05. This excellent article from Fashion Journal; A Broke Girl’s Guide to Sunday Brunch. All excellent suggestions for those of us not so flush in the cash department.

This month’s five things image via Soil & Stem (#1)
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