Five Things | June 2016

How did this happen!? It’s the last day of June! The longest day has come and gone, it’s nearly EOFY time, and the year is officially half-over. Is anyone else feeling like their life is suddenly on fast forward? No? Just me?

This month in particular seems to have flown by in a flurry of events, workshops and limitless games of Candy Crush (yes I’m one of those, sorry. Currently on level 1,259. I bet you didn’t even know Candy Crush had that many levels did you, you normie)

However quickly your own June has gone by, I hope you’ve still had time to stop, take a break, and smell the proverbial roses — just a few short months until the real ones will be blooming!

01. The gorgeous photos and story of Julia Marie Werner and her — once homeless — dog Tschikko (featured image).

02. The total hilarity of these examples of really excellent pointing in Western art history. A CHICKEN AGREEMENT.

03. This excellent list of creative blues; common creative fears and how to beat them (I guarantee you’ve felt at least one of them, if not all five)

04. The worlds ugliest colour which, if you’re Australian, you’ll may already recognise from certain super sexy packaging we have here.

05. This thought-provoking article on the gifts of peace and the perils of advice.

This month’s five things image via Julia Marie Werner / DeMilked (#1)
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