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This week’s five things image via Mary Devinat (#3)

Happy Friday, lovely people!

This week has gone crazy fast — is it just me or does time start to go exceptionally quickly this time of year? I booked some plane tickets for my mumma to come visit in a few weeks (Her first visit here, EXCITING) although it also probably means I’ll have to start the cleaning now. How do mums get so good at cleaning, and when do the rest of us start to catch up?

Anywho, while I’ll be starting my epic wall-washing, I have five glorious links to share with you that’ll hopefully make your weekend great!

01. | Cannot stop listening to this video. It’s old, but so, so good.
02. | Kinda in love with this bedroom makeover on the Fresh Exchange. Yes please!
03. | These completely stunning images from Mary Devinat (Featured above!)
04. | My latest favourite Etsy find, this uber cool abstract print.
05. | These amazing printed Hobes that I want more than anything right now.

Got a thing I might like to share? Let me know below!


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    Shannon @ Oh Creative Day

    July 31, 2015

    LOVE Shane K!
    Have a great weekend- don’t spend too much of it cleaning!

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      August 2, 2015

      Isn’t he phenomenal!! Such a inspiration to listen to. Hope your weekend was fabulous x