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Ever wished you lived in New Zealand? The rolling hills, the laid-back culture, the tricksy hobitses? If you need another reason, here’s one: it’s the home of a gorgeous little store called Indie Home Collective. This is your one-stop-shop for stylish homewares, bold furniture, lovely squishy textiles and house plants. I’m in love with the signature muted palettes and bright pops of leafy green foliage that bring everything in this collection together.

If you’re separated from this gem by an ocean or more (like I am) and you’re more than a little frustrated that they don’t ship overseas just yet (like I am) don’t worry. You’ll just have to be content with following their Facebook page and Pinterest board! They’re a great source of daily inspiration and ideas, and let’s face it—your wallet will thank you too.

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    Rachel sheffield

    March 31, 2018

    Hi just been reading home and garden and love the drinks trolley featured on page 62. Do u still have those in stock and what price. Would love u to open a store in chch