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Let me introduce you to one of my long-time absolute favourite stores; Father Rabbit. A carefully curated collection of homewares that are both practical and beautiful. I love the anthropomorphic nature of Father Rabbit himself, and the simplicity and subtle style of their chosen products. Also I’m pretty sure I can never get married because they have a gift registry and that’s just dangerous.

There are two brick-and-mortar stores over in Auckland but for those of us across the Tasman Sea (and beyond) you can buy everything through their online store too!




  1. i discovered their shop maybe two or so years ago - truly love at first site (hehe). i would buy every single thing they sell

    • Argh, I know right! I'm pretty sure I've had dreams where I've won the lottery and bought the whole entire store.

  2. Just discovered Father Rabbit yesterday through Pinterest and I found myself gushing over everything at their store! How I wish I could take everything home!

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