I don’t even know where to begin with this most flipping awesomest thing I’ve found this month (I know that’s not a totally coherent sentence, but it’s that exciting). Meet Homecamp; makers and curators of some of the most beautiful camping gear I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Their philosophy centres around a β€˜buy it once’ mantra, producing and selling quality items that will last for generations. As well as their signature bell tents, they also do enamel mugs, plates and pots; leather camps stools; blankets and throws; hatchets; flasks and more.

But that’s not all. Oh, no.

You see those perfectly styled, homey-looking images below? Homecamp will do that too. They offer pop-up accommodation services for weddings and events. You provide the backyard/paddock/campsite and they provide a little bell tent village, complete with furnishings. The ultimate glamping experience. I want to live in one.

Homecamp online: website / facebook / tumblr / instagram


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