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In my daydreams I live in a bright, airy, totally magazine-worthy home. Not too old, but still has character. Everything inside is beautifully curated, with simple pieces that each tell a story. Everything is white or grey, with little touches of copper. My beige cat fits in perfectly, as does my totally flawless new wardrobe.

A girl can dream, right?

In this hypothetical minimalist dream home are the entire contents of Mร›R Lifestyle. If it were Christmas time, this store would be my entire list.

Mร›R is a beautifully curated online store of simple, functional pieces, designed to last you a lifetime. Established by husband and wife dream team Danielle and Joรซl Cyr, Mร›R encourages people to move away from the “disposable culture” that is so prevalent and adopt a more mindful approach to buying.

Enjoy the gorgeousness, and please accept my heartfelt apologies to your wallets.

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  1. Love love love Mร›R! Danielle is just the loveliest. I wish the Australian dollar wasn't so rubbish right now :( Currently wanting all the pretty things x

    • Aren't they fantastic! Lame old Aussie dollar, hopefully it swings more in our favour soon D:

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