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It’s no secret that I’m a big lover of clean lines, simple colours and interesting textures (pfft, does anyone actually dislike those things?), so when something lands in my inbox that ticks all three boxes, it’s a pretty exciting event.

On the Sly β€” as well as having a gloriously sneaky name β€” manages to blend minimal, Scandinavian design with brilliant colour in a way that will excite lovers of either style. Eco-responsibility is a big focus for their products, using water-based non-toxic inks and 100% recycled inserts, and their geometric range of prints and screen printed tea towels, cushions and pillow cases have such personality!

Follow the links above for some super sly goodness (I especially recommend their beautifully curated Instagram feed!) and scroll further down for a taste of the collection.

Images by the super duper Annette O’Brien.



  1. I really love Scandinavian design, with simple colors, just like you. I've checked their website and it's a very pretty brand. Thank for the discovery ;)

    • Glad you liked it Mary! They're a gorgeous brand! xx

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