five quick tips for effective wrapping

Make your space. It probably sounds obvious, but lay out your materials before you start! The last thing you want is to be holding down a perfectly creased corner, only to realise that you’ve left the tape in the spare room.

Choose your ingredients. The most effective gift wrap can also be the most frugal — find things around your home or garden to repurpose! Old paper bags, magazines or newspapers can make excellent wrap. Use a length of simple kitchen twine to decorate, or cut a sprig of something from the garden (or the side of the road if…

INFLUENCES: exposed bulbs

The gorgeous One Fine Day wedding fair a few weekends ago had light bulbs galore: exposed industrial globes, edison bulbs and strings of festoon lights. I absolutely adore the look as decoration — they looked amazing at night, and perfect in styled photos — and I’ve often lamented the fact that our ceilings are too low (and rented) to incorporate them into our home!

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for the love of type: gemma o’brien

I was first introduced to Gemma O’Brien at an AGDA event back in 2010. I was in my second year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UTas and finally discovering the world of inspiration outside DeviantArt. I couldn’t yet explain the difference between a font and a typeface; I had no more than a basic grasp of the grid or colour theory; and my concept of graphic design was still stuck in the “college” days of basic letterheads and business cards. Gemma introduced me to something other than the dictionary definition of design (which, incidentally, is “the art…

one fine day

What a weekend! I have the best job. My totally babein’ boss whisked me away to Melbourne for a few days of excellent wedding fair inspiration at One Fine Day, plus some shopping and my first ever trip to IKEA (I know, right).

We met some wonderful new people and saw more than a few familiar faces! The Abbotsford Convent is a spectacular venue, full of beautiful old rooms with high ceilings. We attended both days — the Friday night session plus the Saturday daytime, and both were full of excellently creative bits and pieces. Very, very cool event. Great…

INFLUENCES: mood boards

I flippin’ love mood boards. Pinterest is the obvious choice for the digitally-inclined, but if you find your inspiration is a bit more tactile it can be really worthwhile organising your things into a display.

Found objects, photographs and colour swatches can be great sources of inspiration, and you can always print from Pinterest if you find something you really love (;