DIY: cement coffee cup planter

Concrete is hands-down my latest most favourite DIY material (this week at least). It’s cheap, versatile and not nearly as scary to work with as I was expecting! This is a project that can easily be modified to suit your purpose and supplies. If you don’t drink as much coffee as I do, use a milk carton as a mould! If you don’t like succulents (you what!?) make a tealight candle holder! Oh, the possibilities.

You will need:

Pre-mixed concrete (unless you want to make your own: cement + sand + gravel!)
Containers for the planter — I put the used coffee…

Merchant: trish + co

Trish + co. is the brainchild of Toronto-based Trish Papadakos. Her first collection The Curious Gardener is inspired by Trish’s great grandmother-in-law, Dolly. It’s a stunning collection of homewares; all lovingly hand-crafted, beautifully made and locally sourced in Canada.

I love her gorgeous wooden cutting boards in particular, inspired by vintage educational illustrations. Just look at the way those illustrations have been incorporated in her product styling! Super fresh.

Find Trish on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and see her gorgeous collection at

INFLUENCES: creative spaces

If I had unlimited money and unlimited patience, my creative spaces at work and home would be perfectly styled, bright, airy and clean. As it is they’re very messy, a bit dark and covered in takeaway coffee cups (work) and mugs (home).

Nonetheless, I keep a collection of space inspiration images handy should I ever suddenly have an abundance of time and money. A girl can dream, right?

Images: vintagepiken || vosgesparis || kinfolk || elv-s || onlydecolove || trading-places