Five Things

Hi friends!

I hope your week has been grand, and you’ve been enjoying the weather that’s changed its mind more times than Ross and Rachel. It’s not often you get to wear bathers, shorts, coats and scarves all in the space of a day and a half (oh who am I kidding, yes it is.)

I’ve been dividing my time quite evenly between Melbourne and Hobart over the last two months, and each seem to be changing seasons like they’re going out of style. I’ve found that Melbournites like to boast about how cold their Winters/Springs are, but us Hobartians know…

Giveaway: crowns of glory [ CLOSED ]

Crowns of Glory online: website / facebook / instagram


I’m just a leeetle bit excited about the fabulousness I have to share with you today.

Not only do I get to introduce you to the most damn fine faux flower crowns you’ll ever see, but I also get to give one away to a lucky reader — just in time for Spring!

Crowns of Glory are the brains behind these beauties, with each one lovingly handcrafted by Melbourne-based creator Rebecca Hummel. I have the absolutely gorgeous cherry blossom crown to give away (and wear, and take photos of — I couldn’t help…

Merchant: Blackbird goods

Blackbird Goods online: facebook / instagram
The merchant I’m sharing today holds a bit of a special place in my heart.

Blackbird Goods opened their doors just four days ago over in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, but I’ve been following the journey of owners Gemma Adams and her husband for a few years now on the Blackbird blog. Gem is a true creative polymath — stylist, photographer, maker, blogger and DIY extraordinaire.

Blackbird is one of a small handful of blogs I visit regularly, and one of the few that inspired me to create my own little corner of the…

The Californian Redwoods

Oh, how I love me some adventurin’.

We’ve been having a lot of fun exploring our new little state! It’s quite a novelty for us to be able to drive in one direction for more than a couple of hours and not end up in the water — coming from Tasmania and all — and the fact that we can drive to a different state altogether is even weirder.

This week’s adventure saw us travelling about three hours outside of Melbourne to the Otway Ranges, on the hunt for some totally enormous Californian redwoods. It’s a lovely drive with…

Threads: cozy camel coats

Did you guys feel that a few days ago? The temperature rose, people were mowing their lawns, kids were wearing shorts, the day had that beautiful, Summery smell to it.

Then the next day the weather said “loljk” and it rained. Such is life (at the tail end of Australia, anyway)

As much as I’m looking forward to warmer weather, I’m still pretty happy to snuggle up in my many, many layers. My latest — rather delayed — favourite trend are camel coats. Still keeps my basic colour palette happy, but adds something other than black and white to my wardrobe!


This week’s five things image via Homecamp (#1), shot by the fabulous Luise Brimble

What’s this? Friday again? It’s like it happens every week or something!

This week I’m writing to you from my home town of Hobart — or more specifically, from inside one of my favourite hometown eateries; Small-Fry. A pork slider at my elbow and a soy latte in my hand, I’m a happy chappy.

I’ve been here all week for work, theming a few events and catching up with some pretty glorious people. I hope your week has been equally fantastic!

This week five things are…

01. | This insanely…

DIY: simple wooden cat scratcher

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my little four-legged friend popping up every so often — that’s Luffy; the cutest and prettiest cat in the entire world (if you’re an anime-watcher / manga-reader you might recognise his namesake as Luffy (“loo-fee”) from One Piece)

He’s the love and light of the household, and is as totally spoiled as you would probably expect. Just look at that face, though. Can you blame us?

So on our days off we do what any normal couple would do, and make things for our cat. This wooden scratcher is super simple,…