Five Things

Happy Friday, pretty people! I hope you’ve had a good one — I know I certainly did!

I had a blast at the Day of the Dead Warehouse Project on Saturday, scoring two VIP tickets for Halloween, and I’ll be headed to a super schneaky Schweppes for some underground London-themed fun this weekend too. Watch out for a post on that later this week!

No matter how your week has turned out, I have five little things to share with you that will hopefully make it even better:

01. | These stunning images of Alex May’s trip through Scotland, via Ignant…

Day of the Dead Warehouse Project

Hey, have you heard of this “Halloween” thing?

It’s not — supposed to be — that big in Australia. Most years I get surprise trick-or-treaters at my door, which sees me rummaging through my kitchen trying to find anything remotely sweet to give these poor kids, most of whom have probably worked on their costumes for weeks only to be turned away from most of the houses they visit. I remember those days well (sorry, Dad).

This year I got to get fully into the Halloween spirit when some extra special VIP tickets to the Day of the Dead Warehouse…

Merchant: thisispaper bags + rucksacks

thisispaper online: website / facebook / twitter / instagram

Aw yis, I love me some quality bags. Thisispaper is a gorgeously minimal, high quality Polish brand with a strong focus on simplicity, function and sustainability.

The bags are designed and hand-crafted at the Thisispaper studio in Warsaw, with 100% natural materials all produced by Polish manufacturers. I adore the simple lines and fantastic build quality of these bags, and the colour palette of natural off-white, denim and black is just magical! One of each, please.

Threads: chambray shirts

Oh my god you guys, chambrays amiright?

It’s not exactly a secret that I’m a big fan of the ol’ chambray — I could probably live in them and them alone for the rest of my life. Screw pants!

If you’re not familiar, chambray is a lightweight, denim-looking, woven fabric. The word usually refers to an item of clothing made of the stuff, such as a dress or (my favourite) a shirt. Now that the weather is warming up my love of layers is getting harder to hang on to, but I think that’s the beauty of the chambray —…

The Curse of the Serial Dabbler

Ah, the curse of the serial dabbler. I know it well.

No, it’s not a B-grade 70s horror movie, although that would be interesting. It’s a term I’ve come to use to describe myself, and you may find it relates to you too.

When asked “So what do you do?”, I never really know what to say. I do lots of things. By trade (and degree) I’m a graphic designer — which is actually a fairly broad term and covers a lot — but it’s not all I do, even in just my day job. I’m also a web designer, although…

Five Things

Hi friends!

I hope your week has been grand, and you’ve been enjoying the weather that’s changed its mind more times than Ross and Rachel. It’s not often you get to wear bathers, shorts, coats and scarves all in the space of a day and a half (oh who am I kidding, yes it is.)

I’ve been dividing my time quite evenly between Melbourne and Hobart over the last two months, and each seem to be changing seasons like they’re going out of style. I’ve found that Melbournites like to boast about how cold their Winters/Springs are, but us Hobartians know…

Giveaway: crowns of glory [ CLOSED ]

Crowns of Glory online: website / facebook / instagram


I’m just a leeetle bit excited about the fabulousness I have to share with you today.

Not only do I get to introduce you to the most damn fine faux flower crowns you’ll ever see, but I also get to give one away to a lucky reader — just in time for Spring!

Crowns of Glory are the brains behind these beauties, with each one lovingly handcrafted by Melbourne-based creator Rebecca Hummel. I have the absolutely gorgeous cherry blossom crown to give away (and wear, and take photos of — I couldn’t help…