Twenty-four hours at Pumphouse Point

Twenty-four hours at Pumphouse Point

Let me say this, first and foremost:
Twenty-four hours at Pumphouse Point is not enough.

Also full disclosure, we were only there for maybe 21 hours which definitely wasn’t enough. I can’t imagine the extra three hours would have satisfied us though, and ‘Twenty-one hours at Pumphouse Point’ does not have quite the same ring to it, so we’re sticking with 24 for narrative’s sake.

Exhuberantly orange Mini Cooper, courtesy Overdrive.


Sleeping Water.

Lake St Clair, known by the original inhabitants of the land as lake Leeawuleena, or “Sleeping Water”, is the deepest lake in Australia and home to Pumphouse Point: a monument to mid-century industrialisation.

Approximately 2.5 hours from Hobart by car — orange Mini optional — or more if you visit the Wall in the Wilderness, stop to take photos of Tarraleah Highland Coos, or eat pizza outside a public bathroom (one of these things we did).


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