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The Pie Project: chocolate fudge pie

Phwoar, talk about rich. If you’re looking for some extreme chocolate decadence, this guy is for you.

This one was a thank you gift for my dad, so naturally I stole a piece to keep for myself before taking it over (I had to make sure it wasn’t poisonous, obviously). That one piece lasted me nearly three days. And I don’t mean I managed to avoid eating it for three days because I’m a good girl, I mean it was so rich that I’d eat a piece every couple of hours and then…

The Pie Project: raspberry morris pie

Affectionally named as such because it was made with my friend (Tom) Morris on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Morris is a pretty excellent pie maker. The kind of pie maker that can carry on a conversation while still making dough without a recipe. I am not that kind of pie maker. I’m the kind that loses concentration if the cat makes a noise and has to check the recipe a hundred times (then still gets the baking soda and baking powder confused and ruins the whole thing).

Hopefully by the end of my pie project I will be a…

The Pie Project: strawberry skillet pie

I’ve mentioned previously that I have a small pastry eating problem. That’s nothing compared to my newfound streusel eating problem. Especially when you realise that streusel is essentially just butter, sugar and rolled oats and you’re therefore kind of disgusting. Luckily I still had enough streusel left over to cover the pie, because that really added the extra awesome to this awesome strawberry skillet pie!

I didn’t have adorabley small farmers market strawberries like the original recipe (not quite berry season here yet!), so I ended up cutting up some boring supermarket strawberries…

The Pie Project: pear and almond cream cheese pie

We have yet another contender for the Pie Project Allstars. This little beast looks amazing, is super quick and easy to make, and tastes ohmygodsodelicious.

This was the first time in a very long time that I’ve actually eaten pears. I’d always considered them some kind of weirdly shaped, slightly slimier green apple and never had the urge to buy or eat them. This recipe called for them though, and they were amazing with the cream cheese and the slivered almonds. I am now officially a pear fan (and a cream cheese…

The Pie Project: mini blueberry and lemon cream pies

These little pies very nearly didn’t make it into the oven. I managed to drink a glass or two of wine before starting and ended up eating a surprising amount of both the raw pastry dough and the blueberries.

So in the end I had about five of these tasty little mini blueberry & lemon cream pies that actually went through the oven. I don’t have a mini pie pan (YET) so I used a regular ol’ muffin tray which worked perfectly fine, and had I not eaten so many of my ingredients…

The Pie Project: chocolate caramel coconut pie

I feel so bad for this pie. This poor, poor delicious pie stayed in the fridge for over a week before I could photograph or even taste it. I got sick, and then busy, and then busier, all while my poor lonely pie sat in the cold by itself. Luckily it still tasted great even after spending a whole 7 days chilling! I added a little bit of extra cream to the chocolate layer to offset the bitter dark chocolate, and included an extra bit of sugar in the caramel layer…

The Pie Project: farmhouse rhubarb pie

I cannot get enough of rhubarb lately. It’s so delicious and easy to cook and available like, all of the time. I have some vague memories of my mother having to pretend it was stewed strawberries to get me to eat it as a child — I think the fact that it came out of the ground and had green bits made me think it must taste something like celery. Of course, rhubarb does not taste like celery, rhubarb tastes like amazing.

This rhubarb filling is bulked up by a few apples and I really enjoyed the pastry folding technique….