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Influences: Oriental Rugs

It’s funny how your tastes can change so dramatically over time. If you’d asked me how I felt about colourful rugs a few years ago, I’d probably say “meh”. I was all about white, and clean, and minimal. Maybe a bit of light pine if I was feeling adventurous.

Now however, I’ve decided that I like colour and simply must have some kind of turkish kilim or moroccan rug. Possibly even a tan leather couch. Throw some dark cherry wood in there, why not!

I’ll let you know how this goes >.> / / /…

soft and airy californian home

Ahhhh I’m in love.

Allow me to introduce you: this is the home and workspace of the decor / fashion blog Mint + Varnish, and it’s stunning and I want to marry it.

Tucked away near the California coast, the loft belongs to M + V owner Valerie Wildes and her husband (plus their two gorgeous cats)! Valerie describes her personal aesthetic as “simple, clean, and intentional”, which I think perfectly sums up her space — it just oozes dreamy Californian vibes.

The bed is one of my absolute favourite features, and Valerie mentioned that it’s even handmade!

“I met a furniture…

Merchant: hale mercantile co.

Don’t you hate it when you buy some brand new bedding and then just a few weeks later the most magnificently gorgeous linen brand drops right in your inbox? I’m kicking myself now, but this is definitely going on the list of Things I Must Have!

Hale Mercantile Co. are a new Melbourne-based company manufacturing a stunning range of luxury European linen, covering everything from sheets and throws to towels and table cloths. I’m completely in love with the soft textures and muted colour palettes of the entire range! Their catalogue — available on their website — is beautifully put…