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The Pie Project: peach pie

This one was fun! I’ve never eaten a peach pie before — I had that in common with the recipe-creator herself — but it was the awesome pastry technique that drew me to this particular recipe. Peaches aren’t in season here in Australia at the moment, so my old, wrinkly, imported supermarket peaches made this the most expensive pie to date. Totally worth it though! I’m not usually the biggest peach fan, but I’ve decided that I definitely love them in pie (everything is better in pie).

Peach Pie from Butter Baking

I nearly added a bit of extra sugar to…

The Pie Project: blueberry-strawberry pie with a rosemary crust

Blueberries and strawberries have got to be two of the best berries, so I was pretty darn happy to stumble upon this particular recipe. The pastry was really interesting to make; very dry and crumbly, and I wasn’t so sure about the rosemary at first, but it works perfectly with the fruit. Also my first attempt at a lattice crust! Woohoo!

Blueberry-Strawberry Pie from Une Gamine Dans La Cuisine

My crust really needed a little more milk and a little less time in the oven (whoops) and the frozen berries were a bit tart and definitely could have used more sugar…

The Pie Project: traditional apple pie

I’ll be the first to tell you — I’m not a cook. I’m not a completely terrible cook, I just don’t do it very often. The Pie Project is my attempt to haul myself out of my baking rut: make twenty five different pies within a year. Twenty five different recipes, twenty fives different fillings and twenty five attempts at pastry. That’s an average of a pie every two weeks or so. I can do that, right? A pie every 14.6 days.

I wanted to start easy — apple pie. The pie staple. I trawled the interwebs for the perfect…