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The Curse of the Serial Dabbler

Ah, the curse of the serial dabbler. I know it well.

No, it’s not a B-grade 70s horror movie, although that would be interesting. It’s a term I’ve come to use to describe myself, and you may find it relates to you too.

When asked “So what do you do?”, I never really know what to say. I do lots of things. By trade (and degree) I’m a graphic designer — which is actually a fairly broad term and covers a lot — but it’s not all I do, even in just my day job. I’m also a web designer, although…

WORKING FROM HOME: 5 tips that will keep you from going (too) crazy

Today marks the end of my first month of working from home (dun dun dunnn).

It’s not the first time I’ve attempted the stay-at-home life — I spent a good eight or nine months freelancing fresh out of university, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in my pocket and the world at my fingertips. Unfortunately I strongly disliked working by myself, and fell into a miserable slump of constant headaches and complaints.

Five years later I’m ready to try again, and I’m not worried in the slightest.

This time around I’m not working for myself, I’m working remotely — I’m still in…

a flourishing mind: my fren garden

Fren Garden is a fantastic awareness campaign aiming to erase the stereotypes and stigmatisation associated with depression, organised by the gorgeous lady over at Mud & Bralettes. The core message of Fren Garden is that every mind has the potential to flourish; you’re encouraged to download and print the mind image template and fill it with whatever you like — what you’re currently feeling, what you’d like to be feeling or how you’ve felt in the past.

The mind is a garden. It blooms and it wilts, it winds and it inspires. Sometimes it becomes tangled and choked with weeds….