Aw Conqueror Sans // Odin Rounded // Aqua Grotesque // Gasalt Black // Helsinki // High Tide Sans // Moderne Sans // Maven Pro // Aileron // Edmond Sans


  1. Thank you. I'll be adding this to my blog, credits to you. πŸ‘

  2. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Aqua Grotesque is wonderful.

  3. Hi, thanks so much will add you to my Pinterest! x

  4. Please note that most of these are only free for personal use.

  5. So clean so perfect. thank You

  6. […] Sticking with a selection of fonts that all followed a similar contemporary and minimalist aesthetic I experimented with the wording ‘where one is at’. I decided to incorporate the double chevron motif with the wording to make my publication title specific and iconic, it also adds some texture rather than having just font and off sets the word into an image. It took me a while to settle on a favourite font, and after asking my peers it came down to the top font, the fourth from top and the fifth from top. I had found some of the fonts I experimented with on this website. […]

  7. I've found this set on Pinterest. There are some fonts I haven't previously known. Thank you, I have to look closer at them.

  8. hey, how can i download it ?

  9. Just wondering which font you used for the headline ("TEN VERY COOL..")? Couldn't find the match below?

  10. Thank you, these are all perfect for a project I'm working on!

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