The Pie Project: cranberry apple crumble pie

A small word of warning about this pie: this is not the pie to eat while lazing about in the sun wearing a summery dress. This is a pie to eat while rugged up in at least seven layers, preferably with ice cream and a hot chocolate, and maybe a small furry animal on your lap while the rain batters down outside. It is very heavy, and very delicious.

Apple pies are often heavy, but it’s the crumble topping that makes this one super special. It has like, three types of sugar in it. And butter, lots of butter. Also delicious spices, and other things. Just make this pie, okay.

Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie from The Bojon Gourmet.

I had a small blonde moment and bought dried cranberries rather than whole. If you make this mistake too, rest assured: it still tastes pretty darn good. I halved the amount of crystallized ginger because I’m not the biggest fan of the stuff, and I’m glad I did — that stuff be powerful!