The Pie Project: farmhouse rhubarb pie

I cannot get enough of rhubarb lately. It’s so delicious and easy to cook and available like, all of the time. I have some vague memories of my mother having to pretend it was stewed strawberries to get me to eat it as a child — I think the fact that it came out of the ground and had green bits made me think it must taste something like celery. Of course, rhubarb does not taste like celery, rhubarb tastes like amazing.

This rhubarb filling is bulked up by a few apples and I really enjoyed the pastry folding technique. The recipe isn’t available online, but you’ll find it in the Essential Desserts cookbook!

Farmhouse Rhubarb Pie from the Essential Desserts cookbook.

Unfortunately I can’t comment personally on the taste as I gave it away like some kind of generous pleb, but I did receive an email titled “Yum!” from the pie recipients which must be a good sign!