The Pie Project: fold-over rhuberry pie

I originally passed over this recipe during my weekly Pinterest pie-hunting session for the stupidest reason. “It’s square!” I said. “How will it look alongside all the other roundish pies in my final pie wrap-up, a year from now!” Stupid, stupid, stupid. I’m very glad I finally came to my senses after trying (and failing) to find another rhubarb pie recipe of equal greatness. The Pie Project is about exploration! New things! Diversity! A square pie is a good thing, how boring would it be if they were all round?

Of course, this pie was a big hit. Really quick and easy to make, and tastes delicious. Also, it had sour cream in the crust. Awesome!

Fold-over Rhuberry Pie from Hungry Girl Por Vida

Very sweet, but very good. The original recipe used marion berries and raspberries, but raspberries are out of season here at the moment and therefore very expensive, so I opted for strawberries and blueberries (frozen, left over from the this pie). The fold-over technique was great, very quick to make!