This one was fun! I’ve never eaten a peach pie before β€” I had that in common with the recipe-creator herself β€” but it was the awesome pastry technique that drew me to this particular recipe. Peaches aren’t in season here in Australia at the moment, so my old, wrinkly, imported supermarket peaches made this the most expensive pie to date. Totally worth it though! I’m not usually the biggest peach fan, but I’ve decided that I definitely love them in pie (everything is better in pie).

Peach Pie from Butter Baking

I nearly added a bit of extra sugar to compensate for the less-than-fresh peaches, but I’m very glad I didn’t β€” this is one super sweet dessert! Grating pastry for the top was exceptionally fun and not as hard as expected. Also it looks awesome.


  1. I love baking. I'm not usually a pie person, but I do love peaches. I think I'll try this recipe. This looks really good.

  2. Thanks so much for trying out my recipe jemima! Looks beautiful :-)

    • Not a problem sweetness, I had the absolute best time with it! Thank you x

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