The Social School Workshop

Describe your perfect day to me.

What does it look like?

What does it include?

Who does it include?

I’m pretty easy. I enjoy a day doing and talking about things I love, and doing and talking about them with like-minded people. I enjoy pretty things. I enjoy a lot of coffee, and I enjoy the occasional glass of bubbly.

Saturday at the Potting Room in Sandy Bay (a mere 1.5km from my house, walking distance even for Hobart) was the perfect amalgamation of all of these things.

For those not in the know, the Potting Room is a florist-cum-coffee shop along Sandy Bay Road. It also just so happened to be the venue Grace (@wearethesorority) and Erin ( chose to host their Hobart social media workshop — a full day of talking social goals, audience profiling, content pillars and hashtag libraries.

And guess who was invited?

(Me! It was me!)

Grace + Erin together = The Social School, a creative fusion of two people who really know their sh*t. Based in Melbourne and Bendigo respectively, they brought a couple of their sell-out workshops across the Strait and all the way down to Hobart.



The day started with coffee and introductions.

In true Hobart form, there were familiar faces in the room for everyone — and if the faces weren’t familiar, the businesses certainly were. I’m sure my fellow Hobartians have all lingered in Ally + Me in Liverpool St, or grabbed a coffee at Vilicia on the corner of Murray and Collins. You may have stumbled upon Genevieve Drury Design and Explore the Huon Valley on Instagram or come across Tinfoil Collective at markets (or on ears) and if you haven’t already, please do follow — and contribute if you can — to Wombat Rescue Tasmania and Ultimate Pamper Me’s fundraising efforts.

It was a brilliantly eclectic and complementary mix of small businesses and friendly people, all eager to listen and learn.

We brainstormed goals and objectives, and discussed expectations and inspiring content. I bothered poor Brennon, owner of the Potting Room, for more coffee. He happily obliged. We pulled our phones out for a social media audit and talked stats, stories, and drool-worthy accounts.

Then: lunch.


A lunch of truly epic proportions.

Meats! Cheese! Fruit! Crackers! Cake! Doughnuts. You guys.

The feast was curated by Brennon himself, and all from local Tassie producers. It was the only quiet portion of the day as we swarmed the bench clutching our phones and balancing plates, trying to simultaneously pile food and ‘gram the aesthetically-pleasing arrangement before it all disappeared. I think I also had more coffee.

(I have found my people)

It was an excellent and much-needed little break from all that gosh darned thinking, but I think we were all so buzzed on social goodness that the conversations couldn’t help but continue. Bellies full and brains refuelled, we were ready to get creative. Content time.



This last part of the day was possibly my favourite — workshopping relevant, engaging, shareable content and defining the pillars that help to build and shape your brand, talking maximum post optimisation (something I’m extremely passionate about, no joke) and a few tips and tricks for community engagement. Grace and Erin were completely open books and it was so lovely to find a couple of kindred spirits to learn from!

The day ended with well-earned glasses of bubbly, leftover doughnuts wrapped and stuffed into handbags, and lots of happy faces.


I had such a blast meeting some pretty fabulous people and eating delicious things. Thank you so much to Erin and Grace for having me — and to everyone else for being patient with my camera clicking away all day!

Keep an eye out for future workshops from Grace and Erin by following @wearethesorority and on Instagram, and keep tabs on both (you stalker) via @wearethesocialschool. If you’re Sandy Bay-bound and in need of flowers, coffee or doughnuts (on Tuesdays and Fridays), drop in to The Potting Room, and follow them on Instagram for daily inspiration!

March 16, 2018


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    Jennifer |

    February 27, 2018

    Sounds like an amazing event! That spread looked amazing!

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      February 27, 2018

      Cannot even describe how good it was! May have pocketed a doughnut for later too ;)